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7/14/15 - NEW VIDEO released today!!!
Old Fashioned Love, filmed live at Barbes. Enjoy.
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1/23/15 - In honor of the amazing little venue that we've called home for the past 3 years, we are working on a new live album, LIVE AT BARBES. Stay tuned for a video preview and more news coming soon!!!

2/10/14 - We have some exciting Brain Cloud festival announcements coming soon......

4/27/13 - "Outside Looking In" is now available! The album release show at Jalopy was sold out - thanks to everyone who came and packed the house! Click here for CD's, vinyl, or downloads.

3/29/13 - "Outside Looking In" is complete and has arrived safely right here at Triple Treble Music, aka Lichtman headquarters - 7 boxes of CD's and 8 boxes of vinyl records! We anxiously await the album release show at Jalopy Theater on April 26 - see you there!

1/9/13 - The new album, "Outside Looking In," is nearly complete! Click here to see the Kickstarter video about the new Brain Cloud album!

9/17/12 - The Brain Cloud has been working hard on our second album, expected to be released in early 2013. Stay tuned in the coming months for more info!

***Click here for BRAIN CLOUD website***

***Click here to order CD's, vinyl, or downloads***

“My brain is cloudy, my soul is upside-down... When I get that low-down feeling, I know the blues must be someplace around."
(Bob Wills – the King of Western Swing)

The Brain Cloud is the brain-child of multi-instrumentalist Dennis Lichtman and vocalist Tamar Korn. Regarding the diverse influences in their sound, which could loosely be described as western swing, says Lichtman, “Western swing is a quintessentially American music – a meeting point of all American musics that had come before it – jazz (from ragtime through swing), bluegrass, Appalachian old-time fiddling, Tin Pan Alley popular songs, early country, Mississippi Delta blues, western cowboy songs... By embracing elements of all those styles, the great western swing musicians of the late 1930’s and 1940’s formed something new and thrilling, and which happened to reach an absurd level of commercial success."

The Brain Cloud draws its inspiration from this fearless smashing-together of genres. Live shows are where the band excels. Tamar’s voice is reminiscent of an old 78 rpm record, and she brings lively spirit and improvisational freedom to each song – not to mention her jaw-dropping “muted trumpet" and “violin" vocal solos. And Lichtman, equally at home on mandolin, fiddle, and clarinet, leads the band’s arrangements in a way that keeps the audience (and the band) excited to see what’s coming next. That is, if the audience hasn’t already left their seats to crowd the dance floor.

The band’s second full-length album, Outside Looking In, was released in the spring of 2013 on CD and vinyl, and includes the band’s first foray into original material, from Tamar’s gospel-inflected “In the Beginning" to Lichtman’s dirge-like “Trigger Blues." Special guest musicians on Outside Looking In include banjoist Noam Pikelny (Punch Brothers) and guitarist Matt Munisteri.

In early 2010, Lichtman joined forces with Tamar Korn, whom he had known for two years as bandmates in the now-defunct, old-timey jazz outfit the Cangelosi Cards. Their mutual love of a wide variety of American roots music led them to form The Brain Cloud initially as a side project to the Cangelosi Cards. Since then, the Brain Cloud has performed at Lincoln Center and festivals throughout the Northeast, and has found success among the thriving swing dance scene in New York and elsewhere. The Brain Cloud performs every Monday at Barbès, in Brooklyn, and the first Wednesday of every month at Manhattan’s Rodeo Bar, in addition to concerts, festivals, and dances.